Short stories

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I wanted to try out writing a few extremely short stories (100 words or less). Tell me what you think!


She was hiking by herself

She found a cranky old cabin

Nothing written anywhere in sight

Curiosity may kill cats, but not Catherine

She opened the door and let out a shriek

Feet hovering a foot above the floor

Right under them was a handwritten note

Covered by at least a decade of dust

“I wonder if anyone will bother looking for me”


He listened to orders from both his parents

Sometimes he disagreed, sometimes he was scared

He listened to orders from all his teachers

He trusted those people, and carried them out anyway

He listened to orders from his superiors

They always made sense, and turned out well

Someday, finally a sergeant, it was his turn

They listened to his first order, and all 6 died trusting him.


They had never met, but they both liked the same movies.

They had never met, but they both liked the same food.

They had never met, but they both had the same hobbies.

They had never met, but they both studied in the same fields.

When they finally met, neither of them could help it.

He fell in love at first sight.

She had to thin the competition.


Come check it out, they made one that walks!

Come check it out, they made one that talks!

Come check it out, they made one that plays!

Come check it out, they made one that fights!

Come check it out, they made one that makes one!

Come check it out, they made one that thinks

Come check it out, they lost one!

Come check it out! Billy? Oh my god Billy!


He came home after a day of work

He kissed his wife and hugged his daughter

He dropped his briefcase in the office and sat down at dinner

“Today at school we learned the alphabet!”

Tired from his day, he smiled and nodded

When she went to sleep, he got back to his office

Locked the door behind him, and started wiping his tools

If you don’t clean it fast, blood can ruin steel forever


That lock on the door, what a great investment

He could finally play without interruptions

Sound-dampening headphones avoided all interference

No more “Do this, do that” in the middle of a game

Those were the best three days of his life

But after that, when the fire happened

Neither the banging nor the yelling got through

He roasted by himself, with his teammates complaining

“report this idiot for being afk”


He appeared in my room out of nowhere, sporting my face, a huge smile, and a strange suit. “Hello, parallel me! I have come from another universe.”

I was suspicious. “What do you want from me?”

“To see the slight differences between our worlds. Wouldn’t you do the same with that suit?”

“I guess that’d be interesting”

“Give me 20$ and I’ll let you try”

I paid, put on the suit, and pressed the button to go to the next universe. It was a desolated wasteland, as were the next dozen. It was then, I realized, there was no reverse button.


When Jack traded the family cow to a travelling merchant for a couple magic beans, he was punished by his doubting mother.

The next morning, a gigantic beanstalk had grown, Jack was glad to see he was right.

He climbed it while dreaming of the treasures he’d find. A magical harp, or a golden egg-laying goose. All his family’s troubles would be solved!

When he reached the top and got caught in a trap, his hopes were quickly replaced by fear.

He saw the merchant approaching with a drooling giant, he knew that this was a bad trade after all.


“Maybe I should not have quit my job because I didn’t feel happy.

Maybe I should have saved more money just in case I couldn’t get hired.

Maybe I should not have taken side jobs delivering suspicious packages

Maybe I should have not stolen some of them for myself, thinking there were so many anyway.

Or maybe I should have planned it a bit better so as to not get caught.”

He looked at the fish around him and the cement on his feet.

“Maybe the thrill wasn’t worth it after all.”