Nerd jokes

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I found this awesome blog the other day, it was called “Math with bad drawings“.

I was, as I often do, hanging around StackExchange, and one of the answers to an interesting math question linked to that blog.

Basically, there’s that math teacher dude who is writing about concepts, answering questions and making jokes about math, with a couple bad drawings in between. Exactly what it says on the tin.

I landed on a probablity explanation (in a humoristic way, which makes it more interesting), and ended up clicking on suggested posts for a while.

Today I ended up on this joke and I had to share it here. It might sound totally boring to someone who never heard/understood what all those fields are (engineer, computer scientist, mathematician, physicist and economist), but if you know what they are, you’ll probably laugh. The fact that I love this style is precisely the reason why I starting reading xkcd years ago.

Either way, I don’t have a lot of content to add to this post, I just believe in sharing online what you think is great. It encourages great content, and to be honest I’m always glad when someone shares one of my posts somewhere, so you know, do unto others or something. Once in a while I have to act according to my beliefs even when there’s nothing in it for me.

PS:There are also riddles and valentine’s day romantic lines, if that’s more your type of content.