Birthday stats

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As of today, this blog has existed for exactly one year.

When I first started this, I honestly expected nobody to read it, and I thought I’d probably stop writing within a few months.

Right now, well obviously I’m still writing. Ready, Set, Think! is not that popular, but it’s more popular than I expected at least.

So I thought I’d share a few stats, mostly because I find them interesting, so maybe somebody else will.

By the way, all the following views-related stats are missing the first few weeks, because I hadn’t installed Google Analytics yet. It is also important to keep in mind that Google could be wrong on several points, particularly when describing user languages, interests, etc. It’s just an overview.

As of today, there has been 6542 page views on the blog, which give us an average of aproximately 18 views per day. Every user session has visited an average of 2.03 pages, and half of them left the site within the first 5 minutes.

My best day was March 15, 2017, with 244 views in a single day, 226 of them going to Reframing negociation. This was caused by a major facebook page sharing the post on that day.

There have been 1503 unique users on the site, including myself (so 1502 other people)

The most popular page on the blog is obviously the home page, with 1300 views, mostly from returning users checking for new content. (Do you guys know that there’s a subscription box on the right?) The second most popular page is Reframing negociation with 266 views, followed by How to spot a dumb person with 166 views, and many others close behind. The least popular post was Was 2016 a good year? which has only been viewed 9 times. Even last week’s Legalizing Drugs has already twice as many views.

Google Search is my biggest referrer, having brought me 452 new users, so about one third of them. Facebook is a close second with 323, mostly coming from private message links, as opposed to public publications.

I have a bounce rate of 63.69%. The bounce rate is the percentage of people that leave after having only visited one page, so were most likely not interested enough by the content to stick around. The bounce rate has steadily decreased over the year, but is still fairly high.

Demographics data of my users as of today

41.98% of users speak English (United States) as their primary language. 17.37% have kept their language information to themselves, 12.18% speak French (Canada) and 6.92% speak French (France).

Fun fact: about 4.03% of users have somehow set their primary language as “Secret.ɢ You are invited! Enter only with this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!“. This is either a virus, a spambot, or a weird setting that messes up with google’s algorithms.

Map of countries bringing new users to the blog

Map of cities bringing those same users

31.27% of users accessed the blog from the United States, 25.68 reached it from Canada, and 15.10 did so from the United Kingdom.

Fun fact: Even though more than 6% of the users speak France’s French, France is not even in the top ten countried giving me views. France is in 13th place giving me only 0.80% of my users

53.56% of users used Google Chrome, with every other browser much lower. The second place is Safari with 14.77%

The internet provider is the information that is the most widely hidden, with the top provider being “unknown” at 13.31%

For some reason, the biggest In-Market Segment is “Dating Services users”, with 4.25% of sessions coming from people in that market segment. Movie and comic book fans are also a notable part of my userbase.

Interests of users visiting the blog

Fun fact: Ready, Set, Think! offers no dating services, and is unlikely to help you find a partner. On the other hand, sharing our posts to potential dates might make you look like a nerd, which could be an efficient way of attracting other nerds, if that happened to be your goal. No studies are available to support this statement.

After about a year of writing for this blog, I’m still not tired of it, so I renewed it for another year. We’ll see where that takes us!

To celebrate this day, check out Video Games and Sports, the very first blog post I wrote. Did my writing improve since then, or is it mostly the same? Do you miss the stick figures, should I bring them back?