A funny thing about the Wonder Woman movie

You’ve probably heard about the Wonder Woman movie by now. If you haven’t, you don’t spend enough time on the internet.

This movie is a masterpiece.

I mean, the movie itself is quite good. I would say that it definitely sits at the top of the DC Extended Universe at the moment. I didn’t like Man of Steel that much. Dawn of Justice was good but had some very awkward scenaristic decisions, resulting in the extended version making much more sense than the cinematic version. Suicide Squad was hilarious, but had so many plot holes it could have classified as a parody just by pointing a few out (Austin Powers style).

Wonder Woman is not perfect. There are problems with the movie, and there are scenaristic choices that I didn’t like (but are not bad, just not to my linking). But overall, it was a very good movie.

The reason why I’m calling it a masterpiece is mostly because of the reaction of the dark corners of the internet. Specifically, the extreme feminist and extreme MRA echo chambers. Both of those have had reactions that were hilarious to see.

The feminist side was originally very happy about Wonder Woman. A strong, Independant woman with super powers getting her own blockbuster movie about literally saving the world? A woman raised in an all-women society, where they all learn to fight and look cool while doing it, without needing men? What feminist wouldn’t like that? Hell, even I’m impressed that a major studio put down the cash for that.

But of course, to some people, that wasn’t enough. Endless complaints about Diana’s lack of armpit hair, people asking when is the fat black Wonder Woman coming?

And, on the other side of the internet, there were of course a bunch of MRAs complaining about how the movie was making the men in it seem incompetent, how it was needlessly pointing out racism and sexism, etc. It didn’t seem to occur to them that the men are not competent at pushing through a No Man’s Land because, unlike Diana, they don’t have super powers. They didn’t realize that society during those years was sexist and racist, and being historically accurate, even if it was for the wrong reasons (we can’t know that), would still be a good thing.

So either way, the movie was 2 hours of fun. It was a good superhero movie. It certainly required a bit of Willing Suspension of Disbelief, but not too much as to make it worse for it. I mean, after two Guardians of the Galaxy movies, pretty much everything is realistic enough.

Don’t worry, Diana in the movie is a great character, like some of the older comic book versions of Wonder Woman. She is not the version who ties up a guy with a lasso that forces him to tell the truth, then lets him get beat up because she didn’t like the truth he told.


Congratulations to Ms Gadot and Ms Jenkins. You made Wonder Woman Great Again!