A carefully crafted selection of slightly longer random useless thoughts

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How can anyone deny evolution? It’s literally just the idea that when members of a specie tend to die for some reason, the specie will also tend to die out if the conditions don’t change. How anyone can deny that is out of my comprehension. I don’t even get why it wouldn’t be compatible with religion. Surely the Bible doesn’t say that species who die out will be revived instantly? Pandas are having trouble staying alive because they literally suck at reproduction. That’s a blatant case of natural selection (that we’re trying to fight against because we like pandas).

Why do reading Wait But Why articles like this one make me feel so smart AND so dumb afterwards? I feel smart because I’ve learned a lot of stuff, but I also feel super dumb because I never knew all that stuff. Why can’t my brain choose just one, and not have such an obvious contradiction?

Why does Google allow me to see so many stats about this blog, including the exact time (up to the seconds) of every view on my site, where they came from, their IP, country, language, web browser, operating system, internet provider, how long they stayed on the page, which link they clicked on, where they went afterwards, etc. But when I look up what keywords people who found my blog through a search engine used, Google is the only search engine who hides those keywords from me. It’s almost as if Google gave me access to those stats just so I would give them access to them on my site in exchange for grouping and ordering them in a nice interface, but they just show me stuff I could find myself anyway while they won’t give me any access to information that they own for free. Oh wait…

Why don’t people seem to understand that the whole efficiency of peaceful protests in dictatures is that when you just sit around protesting and get beat up or thrown in jail, that shows the rest of the country just how bad things are and make them want to help your cause. So many people seem to think the cause of the sympathy is the beat up, but it’s not. No matter how hard you try to get sympathy when you get beat up after an all out street war where you were caught on camera trying to smash a glass bottle on someone’s unprotected head, and you didn’t even get beat up by the government but by people around who felt you had to be stopped, people won’t give you unconditional sympathy. That’s just not how it works. As a general rule of thumb, if you have to actually start the violence in order to get beat up, you’re not “fighting the oppressor”, you’re just an aggressor. Maybe you’re in the right, and maybe you’re justified in your actions. Many revolutions in the past are seen as justified today, and they were certainly not peaceful. But just own up to it. “I believe that the situation is so bad that we have to take up weapons to fight to fix the problem”. Then people can choose if they agree or not, and if they want to help or not. You can’t literally start fighting, then complain when the people who disagree defend themselves. You are either a peaceful protester trying to win the people through sympathy, or a violent revolutionary trying to solve things by fighting. Choose one, and act like it.

Why do people buy food in movie theaters? There is simply no way the extra pleasure added from eating during the movie instead of right before or right after could ever counter-balance the fact that you paid more than 5 times the price for the same food. 20$ for pop-corn and a soft drink is just so ridiculous, yet they won’t stop being such a scam because people actually buy it. I don’t blame the theaters, if people are willing to pay that much, it’s only natural that they’d charge that price. It’s basic economics. But why in the world are people willing to pay that much? Is eating pop-corn in the dark (and making munching noises that will, at best, not interfere too much with your ability to hear the movie) instead of at home before or after so great that you get five times more fun? I certainly don’t.