The future of Hypothica

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Hypothica-style posts as of today:

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The value of human life

The patriotism bias

Is it Paranoia if they’re really out to get you?

Is lying always immoral?


I know that most of the readers on Ready, Set, Think! come from Hypothica, since it’s pretty much the only place I actually talked about this blog, except for some flat earth articles.
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For those who don’t know, Hypothica was a very interesting blog where people could discuss questions about morals, society, laws, etc in an hypothetical city, country, situation, or other that fits the needs of the question. I have followed this blog ever since it started in January, but no posts have been made on it for the past couple weeks. It was very active, posting 3-7 times per week for months, so obviously that’s a red flag.

I did not intend to make this blog into a Hypothica 2, and I still plan on talking about whatever I want here. I had originally planned to keep the Hypothica-style posts over there, as to not be redundant. In some sort of coincidence, I finally got around to creating my blog (I had the idea to do it a long time ago) at the same time Hypothica has (maybe) died.

Building my blogAlmost DonwDoneCoincidence


Iprayiam was the creator of Hypothica, and does not seem to answer his emails for now. Obviously, he could be just taking a break, on vacation, having personal troubles, or he could be dead and we wouldn’t know. That’s pretty much like the Halting problem, we’ll only know if he will come back when he does so. In the meantime, I miss those discussions.

The original goal of Hypothica was to trigger the debates. I figured Iprayiam wouldn’t mind if, until he returns, I add a Hypothica category to Ready, Set, Think!, where all of you (including me, obviously) could submit topics to be discussed, much like the original Hypothica. Obviously, it is just a temporary solution, that could be indefinitely temporary, so I’ll add this: I will stop touching on Hypothica-style topics as soon as Iprayiam, or another admin if they exist, come back to Hypothica, and resume the action over there.

If you’re interested, just use the form below (That I might make into a full submit topic page if people use it enough) to send me your Hypothica topics. You can either send me a short topic description and I’ll try to write enough context to make it into a post, or if you prefer to do it yourself, you can write the full post text and submit that. As always, Spam will not receive an answer.