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Recently, I stumbled upon a community called The Flat Earth Society

Flat earth society

It seems like a bunch of people, at some point in their lives, started suspecting that the idea of a round earth could be a huge conspiracy theory, and our planet is actually flat.

I was intrigued. I had to read what they had to say, how they could explain a lot of what we see around the globe, using their obviously wrong model.

First of all, their premise seem to be that the most credible source of all is our own eyes, and since we don’t explicitly see the earth being round, and it seems more like it is flat under our feet, then it must be.
Obviously flat

They seem to be using an extreme version of Occam’s Razor. Ironically, they then go on to explain things like gravity with theories like our earth is actually accelerating at 9.8m/s² towards space, and the rest of our system (sun, moon, other planets) also accelerate so we can’t see the movement since we can’t compare it to anything. That feels like the exact opposite of Occam’s razor.

I lurked around the forums a little bit, and the explanations for each and every bit of our lives are more and more complicated and weird. According to them, they “feel” weird because I’ve been brainwashed my whole life by the big powers in the world.

shh conspiracy


As you would expect, a lot of the people posting in the forum are criticizing them. They’re either doing some Drive-by science, or Drive-by insults. Then, there’s a couple regular members, that are answering the skeptics’ questions every now and then, but are mostly fed up with those Drive-bys. And lastly, there are trolls. A lot of trolls. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a forum with so many trolls. The trolls usually take the side of the Flat Earthers, but are not trying to make sense. They seem to be Round earthers mocking flat earthers. That much was expected.

What really troubled me is that the real Flat earthers don’t seem to be idiots. They certainly are deep in their denial, and showing signs of pretty much every single type of cognitive biases. Cognitive dissonance is everywhere. But those people are able to do some pretty advanced mathematics, and usually do a lot of research to prove their point, even if they also ignore 99% of sources because they are “part of the conspiracy”. This is the epitome of confirmation bias.
They make sense
There's a mistakecognitive dissonance sets in  They no longer make sense

Flat earthers don’t even all agree on a single model. Some people think the North pole is the center of the world and the south pole is a big wall of ice around Earth, some think the opposite, some think it’s more of an ellipse with both poles on the inside. Some Flat earthers believe the sun is similar to a huge spotlight in the sky, while others really believe it is a sphere. None of them agree on the depth of the Flat Earth, The number of people that are in on the conspiracy seems to change all the time ranging from a small 50 elites to almost half of the human population.

Basically, the Flat Earth Society is a group of people who really, really believe that the Earth must be flat, no matter how.

I really feel like Occam’s razor should be on our side on this one.

To be honest, they have a point. If the rest of the world had been trying to make me believe the Earth is round ever since I was born, they would succeed. If the conspiracy taught me bad physics, bad science, and obviously bad geography, I honestly have no way to check. I’m pretty sure 8 billion people could outsmart me if they wanted to. To be fair, in that hypothetical situation, the earth could be a small cone a couple miles high in a jello universe, and I really wouldn’t know.i cant ever know

But the thing is, in that case, I really have nothing to gain by finding out. 8 billion people can outsmart anyone, so first of all, I have no way of finding out. And as long as I don’t figure it out, there really is no difference from my perspective between the truth and a perfect lie. Basically, as long as I don’t encounter that truth, my truth is good enough for me. Also, I don’t look like a crazy conspiracy theorist in family reunions, and that’s nice.

  • Kilsun Lithandrous

    you guys did too many psychedelics when you were younger. Including some of you in the comments. Quite hilarious.

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  • MUltan

    8 billion? Nah, most of them must be NPCs. I mean look at the evidence – I’ve never been anyone but me, and all other reports are just hearsay. Hearsay from whom, though? So there must be some other real people in the world, and apparently they’re right bastards, having me on like this.

  • theFIREstarter

    Are you sure that whole website is not just one big troll attempt?! I find the whole thing hilarious.

    I mean have they never been in a plane? You can see the earth’s curvature simply by looking out the window! Or is that all part of the conspiracy. A computer simulated view out of the windows perhaps. Yea… of course, that is the simplest explanation 🙂

    • Kaito Kid

      You can’t ever be sure if something is a huge troll or not, but I usually rule out the troll hypothesis when it would require more than 12 people working together and not spilling the beans for years.

      As for the plane thing, I’m sure some of them believe in some batshit crazy thing like your computer thing, but I’d guess most of them just thing it’s the actual curvature of the flat Earth (a flath Earth is still a circle, if you’re not at sea level, you won’t see a straight horizon)

  • Binh Quoc Chau Tran

    The shape of Earth is debatable. But for sure is we are not on a spinning Earth flying through space in a heliocentric manner at ridiculous speed.

    We are stationary and there are evidence to prove it. We are on a fairly flat plain and there are evidence to prove it. Even using the very Cult Science Mathematical Formulas that they used to deceived us. That is because it is fake therefore their are many flaws in the mathematical formulas that we can use to disprove the very thing they are trying to hide.

    But without using mathematical formulas here to confuse people, let use the common things that people can research on and find out for themselves.

    #1 The Gyroscope was used in WW2 bombers to precision Bomb Germany. Now back in those days there is no electronics to auto adjust for the curvature of Earth. So it means the earth is flat because that is the nature of the gyroscope even though they tell you there is sophisticate parts to compensate for the curvature of Earth. when you buy a Gyroscope and open it you find nothing that could compensate for the curvature of Earth because to compensate for it you must let in knows what speed you are travelling, and there is no such input into the Gyroscope.

    #2 The plumbob that builders uses every day in building. And those that builds highrises would have problem using it to keep the building high and straight, unless we are on a Flat Earth.

    #3 Einstein Theory of Relativity is a sham. While we are enclosed in a sphere with it atmosphere, we are not moving in a constant velocity, we are in fact moving in an angular velocity which means you have to feel the difference forces depending which part of earth you are standing. But you don’t so Einstein you are a fraud. (look it up people, see how many things Einstein said is now disproved by others. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    • Kaito Kid

      Okay first, please learn how to write before trying to “wake up” anyone. It’s just embarassin it feels like trying to read a 5 year-old’s first attempt at a birthday card for his mom. Second, being stationnary doesn’t mean anything. All movement is relative to the observer, so if the earth is our reference point, yes, we are stationnary. If the sun, any other star, the middle of the galaxy or the center of the universe is the reference point, we aremoving incredibly fast.

      You cite in your first two paragraphs two commonly accepted concepts, and say there is evidence to prove they are false, and then not give out any.

      You then give us three points that could look like they defend your point, except for the lack of links between your argument and the “evidence”.

      1) I don’t know anything about gyroscopes, but from a quick look at thw wikipedia page, it doesn’t seem to say they even take the curvature into account. Common sense also seems to dictate that you don’t need to calculate the curvature of the earth to balance something, which is the whole point of gyroscopes if I’m not mistaken (think a bicycle, a tightrope walker, even any human or animal walking around)

      2) I completely fail to see how a plumbob is related to the shape of the Earh is any way. It just uses gravity to make a line perpendicular to the surface, curvature has nothing to do with it.

      3) I honestly can’t understand anything you are saying in that point. I don’t know which parts are what Einstein said and which parts you consider true, because you are irationally and illogically switching between them the whole time. You sais “Look it up” but I, and I’m pretty sure anyone else reading this would say the same, have no idea what you want me to look up. I will not look up the entirety of Einstein’s works just so you can “prove” your point by pointing at a random part that happened to have been researched differently after Einstein. If you’re always arguing the same way you wrote your comment, there will definitely be no direct or indirect link between that specific mistake and the point you’re trying to make anyway.

    • Vincent Turcotte Dumont

      Well we can see several other giant spheres “flying” through space in an elliptical pattern with the Sun at one of the focal points so why not the Earth too?
      I would love to see this “evidence” that prove that we are stationary and on a flat plane. If we are on a flat world, we would experience gravity quite differently. In the center of that world, gravity will pull you toward the ground. But the further away from the center, the bigger the angle at which gravity will pull you. Gravity will always be directed toward the center of mass. So at the edge of the plane, gravity will be nearly horizontal, and last time I checked, nobody had reported horizontal gravity.

      #1 WW2 bombers were planes piloted by humans, so they knew when they were on target and there is no curvature of the Earth to take in to account when you are above said target. During WW2, analog computers were a thing and bombers were equipped of some to adjust the dropping of the bombs.
      #2 I don’t see why a spherical Earth would make skyscrapers impossible, or even change anything to the behavior and usefulness of a plumbob.
      #3 You may be surprised to learn that you are right about the fact that the Earth is not going at a constant velocity, and that is due to the fact that we go around the Sun in an elliptical pattern which means that at some point we go faster and at some points we go slower. The thing is, those changes in velocity are so small compared to the other forces that they are not perceptible by a human body. Einstein’s theories had predicted many things, like black holes and gravitational waves, and well we have found both of them so Einstein’s major theories are kind of proven right already. Please enlighten us on what he got wrong?

  • Travis

    All of their complicated maths seem to do with geometry and telescopes.

    from their ‘evidence’:
    [However, since man cannot perceive infinity due to human limitations, the perspective lines are modified and placed a finite distance away from the observer as so:]

    I would stop right there and point out the claim that man cannot perceive infinity is not axiomatic. You can’t just claim this and then change the rules of euclidean geometry.

    Next question can they explain theHafele-Keating experimenter with their flat earth model?

    • Kaito Kid

      I found a couple links where they mention it;wap2;wap2;wap2

      They seem to mostly criticize the difficulty in reproducing the experiment, so it makes it more likely to be part of the conspiracy.
      It also looks like they simply say that if the experiment is true, it doesn’t prove the round earth, since we might just “not understand” the reality behind physics so a flat earth time dilation could be possible.

      • Travis

        Right. It seems their main arguments are they don’t understand the science so it must be a conspiracy.

        • Kaito Kid

          Indeed, this is pretty accurate

        • Binh Quoc Chau Tran

          For Science to be accepted, it must have no flaws. For a theory to be accepted (it could be wrong, it does not prove it is right), there is no measurement or any thing to disproves it. That is the universal law of Science. Right?!

          So if the theory of Globe Earth have proofs that disproves it, then we need to re-examine the theory of Globe Earth! is this not correct?

          When we spent billions and billions dollars for NASA, why are we finding CGI images produced by NASA and not the real photos? Makes you wonder doesn’t it? But it is not just one photos, it is thousands that we find on NASA official websites that it is a CGI photo.

          Sorry but it goes against the Universal Law of Science, and you still want us to believe in SCIENCE ????

          I am not here to defend FLAT EARTH, I want to know the TRUTH that is all.

          • Travis

            You will not be satisfied by any paragraph answer in a blog on the internet. The problem many people have is they cannot tell the difference between rigorously proven good science and wildly claimed conspiracy theories.
            To learn why maths and sciences as we know them work the way they do takes years of hard study. You need to rigorously prove to yourself each theorem from first principles, working your way through all of the building blocks. Without this kind of knowledge good and bad science look the same.
            Good luck on your search, and stay skeptical because there are a lot of people out there trying to convince you of BS (usually to sell you something, or get you to vote for something that is in their best interests but not necessarily yours).