Merry Christmas

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It’s that time of the year again. A time of love, family, nice food, and getting offended for ridiculous reasons.

Some people like to say Merry Christmas to each other. Some other people do not celebrate Christmas, therefore usually go for “Happy Holidays” or an equivalent.

Lots of people can very well accept either of those. I mean, why would you not?

But, as always in a “why would anyone do this” situation, there are some people who do it. They literally get offended by nice words said by another person, simply because it does not align with their personal views on the subject.

You probably already have one group, or even some specific people in mind after reading this. We all heard about those whiners complaining about the “wrong” greetings that someone said to them.

The thing is, both groups are needlessly getting offended about that. Some Christian conservatives are complaining about people telling them Happy Holidays like it’s a war on Christmas, and some non-christian liberals are complaining about other people telling them Merry Christmas, as if it was denying other religions or something.

But I’ve noticed one thing. It is a self-fullfilling prophecy.

Indeed, liberals trying to stop schools from mentioning christmas in a country where the majority still celebrates it is kind of a war on Christmas. Conservatives criticizing people who say “Happy Holidays” is also pretty much denying that anyone has the right to not celebrate Christmas.

Basically, both groups are kind of right in being bitchy, but simply because the other group is also being bitchy about it. If they both stopped today, then neither would be justified tomorrow.

I know I won’t make any difference, but that was simply how I see this whole situation. I’m personally an atheist who celebrates Christmas. I couldn’t care less about Jesus, but if that’s enough to motivate families to go see each other once a year and try to have fun together, then I definitely think Christmas is a good thing. In French Canada, we usually use “Happy Holidays” when refering the general Christmas-NewYear period, and Merry Christmas when mentionning the specific day. I haven’t seen with my own eyes anyone getting offended about either of those here yet, but as with most of the USA’s bad habits, I’m sure it’s coming here soon too. I’ll still probably still be saying both with no regards to what offends people or not. If I’m greeting you by wishing you a happy or merry whatever, and you take that as an insult, then that’s not my problem. I tried to be nice.

Try to be nice to each other, if not for the sake of Jesus, then for the sake of the real people you actually have in your life. Nobody needs that kind of negativity at any time of the year, but Christmas is a pretty great excuse to finally call out the grumpy ones who only see the bad side of stuff.