Following a cartoonist’s advice: Update 1

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As described here, I’ve decided to try out lots of stuff in life, according to a random cartoonist’s advice.

So I’ve just started working on a startup with a couple people. It’s called Resonans.

The idea is to create a web site, and then a free mobile application, that would allow a group of users in the same room to listen to music, while taking into account everyone’s interests. We figured that choosing what sort of music to listen to, whether it is in the car, in a party, or pretty much anywhere else, is pretty much always a burden. Everyone wants to put on their own stuff, and we basically never please everyone.


Credit: xkcd

The app would fetch data from everyone’s most listened to songs, whether it is in their phones or on popular music software like itunes, spotify, soundcloud LastFM, etc. Then, using an algorithm, the app would choose songs in a order to try to please everyone as fairly as possible, and would even suggest new songs to people according to the type of music they like. This would prevent fights about who’s phone gets the aux cable, and make everyone’s day a little nicer.

Then, the next step is to create a commercial version, that could be used by stores, restaurants, elevators, etc. Then, the music playing in those locations could dynamically change according to the preferences of the customers currently in the store, provided that they have the normal app on their phones. The goal is to make every musical encounter more likely to be pleasant.

At the moment, we are gathering information about the potential customer base that such an app would gather. So if you’d be interested, and you will use the app when it’s done, head over to and enter your email. You can also add a comment if you’d like to, giving us more details about what you would expect to get with such an app. Using this data, we can figure out what kind of features the customers would love, and make the app as great as possible.

Also, if you subscribe on our website, you will be the first notified when the app goes online, and might get exclusive access to some of the features. No real registration is required, and we won’t sell your email address to anyone (obviously).

Let’s make music social again!