A carefully crafted selection of random useless thoughts

Who the hell figured out that measuring the energy we get from food in kilocalories, and then just writing calories on the container was a good idea? Small Calorie and large calorie? Couldn’t they just abreviate it Cal and Kcal and refer to them by name instead of using cal and Cal as if that was a reliable way to give information?

Why does a McChicken cost 3.79$ while a Jr McChicken costs 1.39$? The only difference between those is that the Jr doesn’t have seeds on the bun and is about 7% smaller. Also, why do people actually buy the bigger one? You’d get so much more food for a smaller price buying the Jr twice.

How do you know the difference between a Pokemon and a normal animal in the Pokemon world?

Why is it still allowed to use Gigabytes and Terabytes when advertising hard drives instead of the actual unit Gigibyte and Tebibyte, which are the real units used by a computer? This has probably been the most widely accepted scam in America for decades, and pretty much every single person who didn’t study computers in school, and even most people who did, doesn’t even know that there is a difference, and ends up with 10% less storage capacity than they thought they would get for every Tebibyte, multiplicated by an important factor for every unit above that. Actual Gigabytes, terabytes, etc are completely useless units for computers anyway, and only exist because they needed a word for every 10³ bytes like every other metric system unit. They’re only used to scam people who aren’t tech savvy enough.

Why do all of my posts sound like a high-school essay that the student really didn’t want to write and had no idea what to say when I read them about a week later? Am I improving my writing skills at lightning speed or am I just completely blind to how bad my sentences are during the writing phase?

Why is everything taught to us in computer science classes, even in college, so completely and utterly useless when it comes to doing actual work in a real job? Why is it so hard to teach us systems and software that are actually useful in the real world, instead of either old obsolete software or obscure useless hipster systems that nobody actually uses?

If entropy truly can never be reversed, every time someone (doctor, police officer, etc) saves a life, it directly contributes to overpopulation and over consumption of resources, making the moment every other living being in the entire universe dies come a little sooner. That’s messed up.

Why does my mind, when writing about small unimportant things I wonder about in a list like this one, suddenly takes a super dark turn and types in entries like the previous one?

Why is everyone suddenly allergic or highly intolerant to gluten, while barely anyone knew it existed just a couple years ago?

Why are there so many people who have never heard about Elon Musk? Why isn’t a self-made Billionaire South-African genius philanthropist actively working to create new technology for near-free sustainable green energy, space colonization, electric and self-driving cars, and so many other things to make life better for everyone all over the news all the time? The guy is basically our universe’s Tony Stark without the bitchy attitude and most people I know don’t even know his name.

Why are people even reading a post like this one on my blog?

Why do the same people who have been hating on video games for decades because kids “don’t go outside anymore” are also the people hating on Pokemon Go the most for little to no reason?

Why do I hesitate so much to publish like 4 full-length posts in this blog that I feel are a little too controversial even thought I said in my About page that nothing was off-limits?

More useless thoughts:

  • Kingfisher12

    Convention is when everyone agrees to do it wrong.
    Because McDonald’s doesn’t make food, they make money.
    I didn’t know there were normal animals in the Pokemon world
    Because Giga- and Tera- sound cooler.
    Everyone is blind to errors during writing. That’s why proofreading is so important, and so painful.
    You may have bad teachers, but the purpose of formal school is to teach only one useful skill: how to learn. If you learn something useful besides it’s a bonus.
    That’s dark man.
    My theory is that some years ago a marketing exec was diagnosed with Celiac, and wanted better food.
    I hear he’s a nice guy. That’s why most people have never heard of him – nice guys don’t inspire much gossip. Tony Stark is a jerk.
    It’s easier than writing my own.
    Some people just like to complain.
    Just make sure you’ve got plausible deniability so that it can’t be traced back to you if you decide to take up politics.

    • Kaito Kid

      As for the bad writing thing, I’m not even talking about the numerous errors that I find in the days following a new post. I’m talking about the ugly sentences and my writing looking plain horrible past the first few days. It’s really just a style thing, and I feel like I hate 1-week-plus-ago-me’s style.